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Elora, Ontario, Canada

This is my first post for my first sketch in my themed sketchbook “Monochromatic”. This is my second year participating in the Sketchbook Tour 2012 which this year its going to be closer to me in TORONTO!! 

This photo is of me sketching the sketch below. BEAUTIFUL and breathtaking scenery!!!

Stay tuned for more on my Monochromatic themed sketchbook! 


Sketchbook Project 2012!

I have signed up yet again for the Sketchbook Project 2012! I am quite excited as the tour will be visiting CANADA! Toronto to be exact as one of their stops!

The theme I chose this year was MONOCHORMATIC.. which sparks some ideas already. SO IT BETTER HURRY up and get here!!!

That’s all for now. I will post when I get my book!! EEeee excite!


FINALLY doneeeeeeee

I am finally done and the sketchbook has been sent! I am so proud to have completed it. Although not all of the pages are up to my standards I did finish it and its gone for good! :(

There are 28836 artists from 94 countries around the world are participating. The tour starts February, 2011. Here is more info about the Sketchbook Tour

Here are the rest of my sketches from the book! :) Enjoy!

Coffee Break Time! 5 mins!

Could fall asleep in 5 mins!

Egg! mmmm in 5 mins!

Not a fan of this one… Hour glass

Groceries in 5 mins

Google my hometown - London Ontario Canada in 5 mins!

PB + J sandwich! Made in 5 mins!

Phone call in 5 mins!

Some people can do a Suduko in 5 mins!

Shower in 5 mins…

Fly over the forest city in 5 mins.

Time is free but its priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can send it. Once you’ve lost it, you can never get it back! — Harvey Mackay


Thanks and I hope to do it again next year but start WAYY earlier!! :)


ALMOST there!!!!

So I was going to write a short bio about myself in the front cover but decided against it in the end as we were to fill out a bio card anyways so I just went with iam.samantha :)

Instructions on how to make ice cream “in 5 mins”

Not so much a fan of this one but its just a “sketchbook” right?

Being Canadian I HAD to include a flag or something!!! So why not our stereotypical word “Eh?”

Many ideas can happen “in 5 mins”

I never thought about this one until the end…. I should have had this on the last page!  "It always seems impossible until it’s done"

You can “Monkey around” “in 5 mins”

Hang laundry “in 5 mins”

Happiness “in 5 mins”

Falling asleep “in 5 mins” (or less if your a cat)


Mouse eating…

"Time stays long enough for anyone who will use it" Leonardo Da Vinci

"The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot" — Michael Altshuler

Now I have my final page done but I can’t reveal that until I am fully finished the last few pages (14 to be exact!!)

Check back for the final drawings of this sketchbook!!



Second post in 2 days!!

I am on a roll!!!! Watch out!

This is my second post in two days! Anyways, I have MORE drawings to share since I am in the crunch time to get it done!


Some thought processes I can do “in 5 mins”

You can have an intimate salsa dance “in 5 mins”

Or you can just hang out “for 5 mins” 

Check back for more sketches.. possibly tomorrow!!! :)



So I have finally completed some pages to share with you. Although this is a sketchbook and being on the spot makes me nervous!! SO with that being said I am not a fan of all of these sketches. My theme is “in 5 mins” which I am using very loosely. Some things don’t look like they correspond at all with my theme but just think…. I thought about it withIN 5 MINS !!

I hope you enjoy the sketches so far!

—You can sing a song ‘in 5 mins’

— Graphic Design can kick someone’s behind ‘in 5 mins’

— You can have a drink or pour a bevvy ‘in 5 mins’ (or less HA)

— If you’re working you can be back ‘in 5 mins’

—All the things I could think about me “the artist” ‘in 5 mins’

— Also trying to get the cat to sit ‘FOR 5 mins’ is almost impossible!!

Check back for more sketches as I am trekking along trying to get them done!! :)


Drum roll…… First page has been completed!!!!

So the day has finally come! I bit the bullet and finished the FIRST page of the Sketchbook! Not to panic or anything but it only has to be to Brooklyn, NY in a few weeks and I have nearly 60 pages to use up!!! Looks like I will be drawing in my sleep for the next few weeks!!

Check it out!

Check back for page 2!


The NEW and improved Cover!

So it has been a while since I last posted about my sketchbook. I have been negleting it since I did the cover as I hated it so much. SO I have changed it (as I said I probably would). I only have about a month to get it finished and sent away!!

Here are new pictures of the new cover (not finished yet, need to put some ribbon on it still).

And First inside page. I drew a self portrait of myself and I am going to write a little about myself before I start the first page! 

Keep posted.. I will be posting more of my drawings once I actually bite the bullet and start!!


2 notes

The cover!!!

So I wanted to do something simple but different for the cover. I didn’t want to change it to drastically as I am a perfectionist and will get annoyed if I do too much embellishing. I am not sure if I like this treatment I have done on the cover to begin with so we will see how this sits for a while then possibly I might change it :) Let me know what you think! Starting to cut out with an exacto knife.

Finished that step and added some ribbon to the cover!

I have a feeling that I will change this but I am not sure yet as to what I would change it to. Now I actually have to get cracking on starting on the inside sketches!!!


The journey begins!

So I have spent a few days deciding what I wanted to do with my cover. I have started but I am not revealing until I have finished this part of the cover but here is a teaser picture….

I bet you are just curious as to what I am going to do … :) Well stay tuned and see!!!

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